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NUMBER ONE: June 2016…

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FRED McVELLY, womanising confidante to the drug-addled President Terry Hair, is having the time of his life. With Britain in meltdown, his elaborate practical joke has created an ecofascist nanny state. Parliament and the Royal Family have been disbanded and each Citizen’s every move is regulated and recorded. Even posting a letter on the wrong day can mean getting banged up.

When an anonymous terrorist resurfaces, calling for revolution, and with the President convinced rivals are out to get him, Fred plans his next bit of fun: to create a tabloid sensation and national hero, to demonstrate the government winning the battle for hearts and minds. Enlisting the help of media mogul, Signor Oli Garqi, Fred chooses Pontiff, a man he believes to be a heavy-drinking down-and-out. But exasperated by the nation’s collective idiocy and engaged in a spot of terrorism himself, Pontiff is in no mood to play along.

Inspired by the best bits of the last decade (anti-terror laws, creeping surveillance, rampant consumerism, increasing social disparity, foreign misadventure) this state-of-the-nation satire melds black comedy with political thriller. Very funny and just a little frightening.