In the pipeline…

Terrance Gonzo’s Asylum for the Half-Baked – “a dose of bad luck, half-formed sketches of events, gleaned from people who probably shouldn’t have been there, who may even regret ever having had met me.”

Ed Spencer – The Last Thing Anyone Needs Is A Dribbling Crisis (And Other Small Talk) – a collection of short fiction featuring Kafka-esque trips to the doctor, travel, love, and a talking cat.

Hugenot Heffer – The Proof is the Power – based on true events, this is the bizarre story of a US Congressman found homeless in Russia looking for his lost love.

Yvette Richardson – The First Five Minutes – having recorded every five minutes of her husband’s life, a woman finds unwanted secrets hidden in her notes. Richardson’s darkly comic novella is set in the five minutes after the husband’s death.

Jim Bo –‘The Problem With My Mother’s Turnip Farm’ – a surreal picaresque involving Mafia hitmen holed up in the North of England while the heat from their latest hit dies down.

These are all coming along nicely – and we’ve a few more irons in the fire. Stay vigilant…