I often have to remember what day it is


My mate’s mother keeps asking me if I like that electron music


I’ve lost count

of the amount

of times my own mother has asked me what the genre of my first album is.

I opened the fridge


was smacked on the leg by a slab of loose cheese

And he

had a peasant hunch

And I

thought –

White shoes on short men probably doesn’t work

And why

does everyone say ‘impacted’ instead of ‘affected’?

I blame James Murdoch.


Peasant Hunch had a slightly faraway look in his eye.

He was the boyfriend of this girl who said –

‘Sometimes the concept of being anywhere baffles me. I think people have families just to stop the boredom, the grinding monotony, the sense that really if you think about it, everything has little to no meaning. The drugs are no longer fun, the exchange rate’s fucked, you get gibbed every time. The days after are murderous, crucifying, stultifying, debilitating. And when even the drink starts to do that… Well, fuck me. And you think – what’s left? What else can I do?’

Another woman said – ‘is that a bad thing? I bet life does take on new meaning when you’re a parent.’

He said – ‘it all just seems remarkably hollow. Because then you’ve got the soul scraping procedure of catchment areas.’

The conversation was easy enough at first

But I had the impression we’d talked about all we could talk about.

And anyway

Some of the things I was saying were just so clichéd.

The conversation became stale.


I was seeing a lot of girls because I had no (or very little) faith that I would actually meet someone I really wanted to be with.

And when I did –

They were with someone else already.

So talking about kids and schools seemed a berserk waste of time.


Terrance Gonzo’s Asylum For The Half-Baked

Greetings, greetings. Trust you are all well.

We’re getting very excited here at Sigmund Fraud Books about the IMMINENT ARRIVAL of Terrance Gonzo’s Asylum For The Half-Baked,.

Mr Gonzo calls it “a dose of bad luck, half-formed sketches of events, gleaned from people who probably shouldn’t have been there who may even regret ever having had met me.”



But Terrance Gonzo has encountered many troubled people.

Mainly because they, like him, inhabit worlds that straddle the comic, the tragic, the absurd.

It helped that his time at the Asylum for the Half-Baked coincided with so many of them.

In this blackly comic collection of vignettes, snapshots, skewed poetry and straight-up stories Gonzo recounts their tales of doomed romance, unwanted pregnancies, revelations at weddings, damaged political careers, bad taste art, misunderstood chivalry, and how to deal with a fly invasion.

Leaning stylistically on Brautigan and Burroughs, Gonzo’s brutalist writing inhabits the minds of a cast of half-baked people, struggling to impose how they’d like things to be.

It’s dark… It’s funny… It’s pretty out there.

The Asylum for the Half-Baked:

Where heartbreak and brutal comedy go hand in hand

And frailty and longing are greased with gallows humour.

2018 looks a right smasher…(Herding Cats)

Now then! How are ya? Nice and fat after a good Christmas beak? Doing Dry January? (Terrible month not to drink, if you ask us, but you crack on..).

Anyway, we are getting closer and closer to the release of Terrance Gonzo’s Asylum For The Half-Baked & The Last Thing Anyone Needs Is A Dribbling Criris by Ed Spencer.

Terrance is a bit of perfectionist and has seemingly had ‘a brain wave’ over Christmas, whatever that means. Should we infer your brain is normally waveless? I asked him.

Still, as a small publisher we like our writers to take their time, get things right. What’s the rush? Abi’s helping out on Gonzo’s book and we all like to hang out and have a thoroughly lovely time. Including Cosmic Sky Branagan. He helped out on our first book, The People’s Republic of Absurdia. He’s always on hand for vibe guidance and getting the beers in – he’s good like that. Any unit needs a cosmic – and we’ve got one.


The writers write.

Abi and I do the donkey work to get the books looking nice.

And Cosmic brings us some wine.

It’s a good system.

But it may explain why we have so few books out.

We believe our writers should take long soaks in booze and write when they’re in the zone.

We’ve been waiting a long time and I dare say we’ll we waiting a while yet for all the others in the pipeline.

But I can assure you two books will be landing very, very soon…

Big Cosmic Love

Sigmund F x


Greetings Reindeer Spotters

Hope you’ve got a job lot of pressies, mince pies and turkey – and have still got a few quid in your pocket for some Christmas drinks…

As a present TO YOU at the most expensive time of the year, Sigmund Fraud Books is offering you a FREE copy of our first title, The People’s Republic of Absurdia.

Ed Spencer’s debut novel is a timely political-satire-cum-black-comedy-thriller, an exquisitely funny and frightening take on that most prescient of debates – the erosion of civil liberties. In Absurdia he poses how a perfect storm of inequality, data gathering and environmental meltdown leads to extraordinary repression, all made possible by a most despicable practical joke…

Deadly serious and a lot of fun, fans of Orwell, Vonnegut and Phillip K. Dick will find much to enjoy here. This is the novel for our bizarre times.

If you’ve got a kindle, why not have a read of it ON US over yuletide. FREE FROM DEC 21st…

FOLLOW THE LINK – http://ow.ly/S3cp30hlg3q

Finally, stay alert in 2018 for these….

All the best, big love and have a cracking Christmas.

Sigmund F x

SIGMUND FRAUD BOOKS PRESENTS… a new form of literature

Recently we set a challenge to two writers – Terrance Gonzo & Ed Spencer. It followed a conversation down the boozer about social media, withering attention spans and the yawnathon that is so much modern literature. Where’s the aggression? Where are the really belly laughs?

We wanted to create fiction that responded to that.

And we wanted a new style of fiction or type of book that conformed to our ethos.

Stories that laugh at the darker aspects of the human experience.

Work that says something not only about people, but the systems and ideas that govern our lives.

Satire, speculative fiction and anything blackly comic.

Brutalist writing, laughing like a screwdriver.


Though we may rail against dwindling attention spans and our breakneck consumption culture, we have to accept it.

People want to be entertained – and fast. But they still want quality.

We saw a real opportunity to respond to this desire: Bite size fiction that maintains the highest of literary standards. Indeed, writing that pushes the boundaries of what modern fiction should be.

This isn’t Flash Fiction – though that does have its place in these collections – this is Short Fiction, somewhere between story, flash, thought, snapshot, vignette, and skewed poetry, slices of experience to give impressions & moods, designed to amuse, frighten and strike a chord, something to read in doses, to dip in to. And like dark chocolate with odd flavours, you may not want to eat it all at once. Some stories really do go nowhere – others are fully formed – but as a whole, these two books provide an unforgettable experience, and an often brutally funny take on the world.




Greetings Literary Comrades!

Sigmund F here. How are you? Trust life is an absolute treat.

If not, do not despair – we at SFB come bearing TREATS.

We are weeks away from not one but TWO new books, perfect fare for the Christmas rush. Perfect stocking fillers for the skewed adults out there.

Apologies for the radio silence. It’s not easy being a small operation and we’ve been off doing… well, to be honest, it doesn’t matter. Not in comparison to:



The Last Thing Anyone Needs Is A Dribbling Crisis (And Other Small Talk), Ed Spencer’s new effort.

These are the two new books winging their way to you soon.

Stay vigilant

Sigmund F

Theresa May’s Brexit

With our current state of Brexit balls and Theresa May’s diminishing hand of power now reaching out to other parties, how much do we think she really believes in Parliament?

Having tried to sidestep them for a year – and often referring to debate as ‘obstruction’ – it’s interesting to think where this might lead us.

Our writer, Ed Spencer, whose superb satire The People’s Republic of Absurdia, we published last year, might just have described the workings of Ms May’s mind. The following is an extract from Absurdia:

“We have entered a phase of New Democracy, the most efficient system yet that we have developed to serve you, the wonderful people of this country.

“I am clear that, ideally, we need opposition. Of course. That is a fundament to traditional democracy. But when this so-called opposition is guilty of immaturity and unhelpful comments, espousing nonsensical drivel intended to ignite riot, they render the system ineffectual. I welcome criticism, but not when it is of the vindictive and unhelpful kind.

“In our liberal, compassionate society we simply will not tolerate negative naysayers whose raison d’être is to disrupt. What we need is constructive discussion not inflammatory rabble rousing that contains no political substance to it whatever. For the good of the country they have disbanded.”

Prescient eh?



SFB have been on a bit of a hiatus… it’s tough being a small publisher.

BUT> we are back, refreshed, with two new books in the pipeline.

And we are open to more!

News will be more forthcoming in the coming weeks….