Terrance Gonzo Pleads Gimme Shelter… How Many Legs Are Missing From That Donkey?

Alright Sweetcheeks

How are you?

I wager better than Terrance Gonzo. Let’s have another dose from his brilliant Asylum For The Half-Baked.

She spoke. A donkey has no hind legs.

She thought Gimme Shelter

was called Woah Jimmy

She’d just become a primary school teacher.

She looked like a primary school teacher.

She probably looked like a primary school teacher

When she’d been at primary school.

You know when someone goes:

can I play something to you?

and you think ‘I bet this is shit’

or at the very least being forced to listen

will reduce whatever majesty it may possess?

Well, if doesn’t

and that doesn’t happen

that’s the one

There is no silence like the still of a car engine switched off after a long journey.

The crushed grolsch can billowed in the storm gusts from hurricane susan coming through my christmas eve window. It looked pissed

Automatic lover

And then it danced.

I read: A 23 month old baby died from a heroin overdose. I actually did cry.

That’s not racist.

It’s racist towards gays

No. that’s racist towards gays.

It was £8 on tab 88. Surely that was a good thing. Surely what was to follow would also be a good thing.

A cold unforgiving day that spoke little of redemption. What you gonna do?

Shit your pants cos she says hello somecunt else?

He’s a troubled soul.

Big love

Siggy F x

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