Terrance Gonzo arrived at the Bucket & Rollercoaster public house. A big night was in the offing

He was a dormant alpha male

He was the blind drummer

He was the star of EMPRICIO

A greek/roman-esque epic tragic tale

Set in a mythological/allegorical country.

Love so there’s no finger prints

(in) a drinking den of dubious worth

the rascal sat on the barstool

muttering to the object of his smothering

Rachel, you are my angel.

The beer of the new keg was reluctant to come through

It spurted

Then came out in a broken, thin jet

like a 6 am piss after a night on the pills.

I was just getting in to character – was about to go to a gig. And it was a date. I won’t lie – i liked the girl.

She was hot

and cool

and madly stylish

with the prettiest face, the loveliest dreads and the most exquisite laugh i had ever heard. And i think i realised that was true when i wrote that. At the time. In the pub. Having a Guinness. Trying to compose myself

For Five Minutes.

I might have to force down that sausage roll that was making me gag earlier.

I was shaking.

Was it the booze, tiredness, nerves?

And again I thought

I better eat, I don’t wanna be puking up bile later

Could taste the bass

Like too many fingers in my ear

Bass wave on the bonce

The barmaid was big but knew how to make the best of herself. She called me my love and my dear – nailing the warm barmaid character.

Hopefully I’d nail my character. But what was that?

Oh Christ

Get a pint of Guinness

And try and calm down

For Five Minutes

I heard a girl say ‘miwk’. I loved her immediately.

Oooh I said outloud. I was starting to feel a bit pissed.

An eeugh with a burr – a disgusted shiver

The place is cool as fuck in the purest sense.

The door was held open

by a bowl

of Soup

or Milk.

If beat was jazz, brutal is psych

Yeah but… there aint nothing like the novel.

Funnily enough my life hadn’t slotted into place by 2 o clock the following afternoon.

I made a series of bad choices culminating in

Horse riding banned for health and safety

Bad decisions coat you like an itchy blanket.

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