Terrance Gonzo’s Brutalist Poetry Laughing Like A Screwdriver…

Why when people reminisce

do they remember things that didn’t happen?

But everyone knows Colin Farrell

is based on Mel Gibson.

Is that drugs or pasta?

Ah yes, the ongoing battle with reality.

Problem was: OCD. There he was, stood at the sink, washing teabags.

And I realised I’d inadvertently




like the boyfriend of the girl I wanted to fuck Suddenly a dose of cold reality hit me:

This was probably a losing cause.

Had a bowl of cereal milked by individual UHTs

Had to open about 45 of the cunts.

And the

Cheap crumpets were quite a margarine affair.

You were a vegetarian

(with a penchant for organic food)

I gave you mechanically recovered meat

But I knew it was over when you told me

‘I’ve been subscribed antibiotics’

She was fit

In a greasy, slightly big arms kind of way

Probably from The Midlands.

She liked him about as much as the average person Likes raw egg.

She would talk for hours. All your saw were




Young American woman, look, like, kinda disgusted when they talk?

And slow moving old women seem to take up the whole pavement.

And Martina Navratilova says:

You have to use existing angles.

There’s an old woman who’s polite

But she’s got a Bo Selecta face.

They breed bulls for fighting

Good god

If I take a shit I’ll be late. That can’t be right as a scenario

The one for luck that gave me bad luck

But why don’t escalators go faster?

Life’s too short

The universe too massive

Gib your job

You can’t rely on tomorrow.

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