Smug language sending me round the condescension bend

Greetings Lovers, Siggy F here.

Obviously I spend the majority of my life immersed in books and wine, and very fine that is too.

But sometimes I can’t escape some of the more repulsive uses of the language. (If the following shit ever works its way into books, I’ll cut my eyes out – woah, calm down. Ed).

Take ‘hope that helps’.

Is there a more ball curling phrase?

Like so many of today’s linguistic flourishes (online anyway), it is invariably redundant, but always manages to contain a sickening dose of smug condescension and passive aggressive needle.

It’s right up there with ‘I’ll just leave this here.’

Think about that for a moment.

(That’s obviously one too).


If your point is so lame it requires you pointing out to someone they need to think about it, then it has clearly fallen short.

But again, it’s this modern trend to absolutism. Like everything in life, nuance rules. But not for the twats using these phrases. They descend from on high to clear up your apparent confusion.

Nah mate, I can just entertain both sides of an argument.

Absolutism has given us a divided country, and… oh fuck that. That’s a debate for another time.

Hope that helps (take as long as you need).

I’m going for a wine, my loves.

Til next time. I’ll be in a better mood then…

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