Do you know what would be really nice…?

Now then you lovely fellas. How’s your week? Bearable, I hope.

To be honest, we’ve had a corker. On Monday, Ed Spencer’s short fiction collection The Last Thing Anyone Needs Is A Dribbling Crisis (And Other Small Talk) was published. If you’ve been reading our blog lately, you will have read some of his stuff. Especially over the last few days.

These are exciting times for us as a small publisher.

At Sigmund Fraud Books we like stories that laugh at the darker aspects of the human experience.

And we like work that says something not only about people, but the systems and ideas that govern our lives.

We like satire, speculative fiction and anything blackly comic.

Our latest two collections (far left and far right on below pic) are our response to producing fiction for the smartphone age. Yes, we can carp all we like about withering attention spans and all that, but you have to play it as it lies.

These two new collections are packed (PACKED) full of short stories, flash fiction, vignettes and snapshots. Almost always funny, they are poignant, thought-provoking, frequently visceral, and occasionally painful. They also fit in your coat pocket. They are perfect to read on the bus, wating for your date to show up, or if you fancy a five minue burst of great writing but are too knackered to read a novel.

So why not get yourself a copy? £5.99 each. I mean, that’s about a pint and a quarter isn’t it? It aint much. And while booze is great, these books are better.

If you fancy Asylum For The Half-Baked, go here.

If you fancy Dribbling Crisis, go here.

And if you fancy a brilliantly satirical novel, that is serious but fun, Absurdia can be acquired here.

Thanks. We really appreciate your interest.

Siggy, Abi, Cosmic Sky Bran and all at SFB x


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