The Last Thing Anyone Needs Is A Dribbling Crisis

Hello lovers!

Yes sir. Dribbling. Crisis. Last thing you bloody need, aint it?

TODAY, Ed Spencer’s short fiction collection is out!

For Ed, life is a black comedy. Whether at home, out and about, or further afield, absurdity stalks him like a demented wolf.

In this blackly comic collection of thoughts, observations and things that probably shouldn’t have happened, expect the humdrum and the downright unusual, from Kafka-esque trips to the doctor, unwanted chivalry and bad breath, to overcoming a curse, and a life on the run from the murderous twitterati.

Ranging from the ridiculous to the painful, these Brautigan-inspired snapshots cover also the etiquette for interrupting a suicide, choosing the right post box, the impact of mushrooms on love, and how things turn out if your mother’s a vegetarian in a tribe of cannibals.

Challenged to create a collection for the modern age – dwindling attention spans and all – these varied pieces are perfect to read in doses, on the bus, in a doctor’s surgery, or waiting for your Tinder date to show up.

If you like laughing at the darker aspects of life (we do), these are the stories for you.

Get it here! (It’s only £5.99. Bloody bargain!)

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