Restraint: He beheld himself in the mirror

Alright? How’re things today?

At SFB we believe that restraint is the key to most successful art. Yes, the epic has its place. But would say, Dunkirk, be better if it were 2hrs 45 as opposed the 90 minute burst of majesty that it is?

Now there’s not much humour in Dunkirk, and we do love a bit of humour.

So here’s some humour and restraint from Ed Spencer*. His forthcoming collection The Last Thing Anyone Needs Is A Dribbling Crisis (And Other Small Talk) is out in a few weeks. This comes from that…

Lifting up his t-shirt and swivelling towards the looking glass, done so quickly as to bunch up the rolls of flesh, he felt a new type of near-disgust.

Look at that, he thought. The low belt line, the bulging meat… of the fat bastard.

He returned to his seat, sipped his single malt. Thoughts of endings, death, rebirth, occupied him.

If all the culture of the world was wiped out save a few bits of knowledge that could be handed down by the remaining few survivors of some Armageddon-esque event, would we eventually, generation after generation to an unknown point later, recreate Dostoyevsky, Foucault, Foster Wallace, The Godfather, Kurt Cobain? Because the soul of the human experience lives on and through?

Either way, he needed to go for a run in the morning.

Made me laugh.

Mind how you go.


*We’re not saying this is as good as Dunkirk.

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