If you like laughing, read this…


We like laughing. Who doesn’t?

So here you go:

As I approached his flat I could see him at the window. It began to open and I could see he was struggling with something. A great long, what? sheet? flopped out.

He began unfurling the long white fabric. It seemed to be a banner of some sort and as it be-came equal to its task, huge red and black painted letters were revealed with the message:



When he let me in he was dressed in drag & suspenders. ‘Alright mate,’ he said.

We went through to his lounge and in there sat a very attractive brunette in her mid-twenties.

‘Alright mate,’ she said, smoking a spliff.

I had to laugh when I recognised her. She was a friend of one of the bridesmaids at the wedding I’d been to that weekend. I’d been given a plus-one and had invited Louie – the man stood just there in drag & suspenders who’d unfurled the banner. He’d got confused and turned up to the wedding dressed as ET cos he thought we were going to a fancy dress. It made people wonder about my choice of cohorts but evidently played well with the ladies.

This is a piece from Ed Spencer’s upcoming The Last Thing Anyone Needs Is A Dribbling Crisis (And Other Small Talk). I’m told this is out on Monday 21st May on ebook and paperback.

But look, have a great Friday. And laugh a lot this weekend. Indeed, always.

Take it easy

Sigmund F

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