What You Doing Saturday?

Now then. You well?

This is from one of our writers. Can’t remember who. Never mind. Made me laugh…

I was to go to the hospital on a Saturday night at 7pm for my appointment. What is this, a date?

Having overheard some sectarian points of view I was summoned.

“Just gonna put some gel on your testes,” said the nurse. “And please sign the form. Come!”

At least I presumed she spelled it that way.

I pondered that –

People go to hospital and have pain killers and say how nice it is, yet moralise about people doing it out of the hospital.

And –

I’m always the fucking youngest person at the hospital getting tests. And whenever I’m in a hospital or doctor’s surgery looking around, pondering rampant disease and imminent death – it’s always this, not recovery – I always think ‘why the fuck would anyone want to be a medic?

Did you like it? Let us know…

Big love

Sigmund F

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