Do you like laughing at the darker things in life…?

We do.

Here’s a story by our writer, Ed Spencer.

Decisions, Decisions.

I open the toilet door with my back to it, turning round as I turn the handle. It’s the noise I hear first, the choking. Then I see Theresa’s eyes bulging out of her head as she grapples with the noose. She’s fighting it. I stand still. I watch her eyes go more bloodshot. She goes to reach out a hand to me but immediately pulls it back to try to ease the pressure round her neck. I think of that statistic I’d heard – that most people that decide to kill themselves change their mind as they’re dying. Is she giving me a message? Does she want me to get her down? Maybe she’s telling me to piss off. These are her last moments. She probably doesn’t want an audience. I walk away, content that the reasons for which she wants to kill herself must be robust and who am I to meddle if she has a change of heart at the last?

It’s only later I found out my brother had decided murder was easier than divorce.

What do you think? Let us know!

Cheers. Enjoy your Fridays…

Sigmund F

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