Small Publisher WLTM Readers with GSOH and own income

Yes, greetings lovers!

How are ya? Voting I hope?

Anyway, politics aside, our latest title, Terrance Gonzo’s Asylum For The Half-Baked, (How many commas does a sentence need? Ed.) came out earlier this week. It’s been a pretty exciting start. Ebooks and paperbacks selling steadily. (You can get it here if you like. It might even be a FREE DAY. Get it while you can).

TG is an interesting soul. Here’s in the office today, just off the train from the countryside. Where? We don’t know. He doesn’t tell ANYONE where he lives. It’s a miracle we found him really.

But we did. In fact, we thought he’d finished this book about a year ago. (No joke.)

We promise our writers that they will always have the final say. So we’ve had to wait. And wait. And wait.

One day he phoned up Abi and said:

“That’s enough. Here it is. Edit it. Do whatever you need to do. I don’t want to look at it ay more.”

Being edited by Abi seemed to pay off. Not only do we now have a book, but they’re now together. Strange world. And she won’t tell me where he lives either..

Is it better now than a year ago? Who knows.

But it’s a visceral, painful, frequently difficult and frequently side-splitting collection of writing. Why not give it a whirl?

Thanks for reading



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