Everything Does Not Happen For A Reason

Praying. Never seen the point here at Sigmund Fraud Books.

Religious people believe in The Almighty as divining a future from which you have no escape. “His Plan”.

(If this is all a plan, you have to wonder what kind of operation he’s running up there, don’t you?)

Anyway. I was thinking about the Lord’s Prayer this morning.

We ask God to:

“Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.”

And I thought – This implies we’re more reasonable than God (we probably are). The message seems to be: “Do as we’re doing, God. Be like us and forgive.”

The Big Fella’s got a lot to learn evidently.

But if God’s got a path mapped out for us, what was the point in prayer? Surely it should make no difference. Not unless God’s quite indecisive. He’s up there, decreeing left, right and centre, and then he starts to get inundated with a load of prayers and says to the Angel Gabriel: ‘Ere Gabby, look at all these suggestions. D’ya think these people have a point? Do you think going down that path would be better?’ What does he do, Pontiff would ask, wait for a hundred prayers and then some sort of device goes off alerting him to the fact that a rethink is needed because people down on earth have been on their hands and knees asking him to reconsider? Does he start thinking things like: ‘My word, this Robert’s popular, isn’t he? A hundred and ninety-eight prayers came in for him not to be convicted of that murder he didn’t commit. Maybe we should cancel the execution.’ And so the path changes and lucky Robert is saved. On the flip side, he’s thinking: ‘Oh dear, only six prayers, that’s not nearly enough. My original idea stands. Get the guillotine ready.’

Big Love. Have a good day et cetera…

Sigmund F

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