Two weeks to go… time for the rum

Greetings Lovers

It’s a Sunny Monday and just maybe we’re in for some ACTUAL SPRING. Be nice wouldn’t it?

We also have sunshine in our hearts as we are JUST TWO WEEKS away from the release of Terrance Gonzo’s Asylum For The Half-Baked.

(For those slow on the Maths uptake, that means it’s coming out on Monday April 30th, ebook – £2.99 and paperback – £5.99).

Now dear old TG has encountered many troubled people. Mainly because they, like him, inhabit worlds that straddle the comic, the tragic, and the absurd. It helped that his time at the Asylum for the Half-Baked coincided with so many of them.

In his blackly comic collection of vignettes, snapshots, skewed poetry and straight up stories Gonzo recounts their tales of (among other things) doomed romance, unwanted pregnancies, revelations at weddings, damaged political careers, bad taste art, misunderstood chivalry, and how to deal with a fly invasion.

‘You must be pretty excited,’ we say to him.

By way of answer, TG read the following from Hunter S. Thompson’s The Rum Diary:

After one night too many sleeping on some stinking cot in a foul grotto where I didn’t want to be anyway and had no reason to be except that it was foreign and cheap, I decided to hell with it. If that was absolute freedom then I’d had a bellyful of it, and from here on in I would try something a little less pure and one hell of a lot more comfortable. I was not only going to have an address, but I was going to have a car, and if there was anything else to be had in the way of large and stabilizing influences, I would have those too.

He added: ‘If absolute freedom is being young(ish) and single, then I’ve had a bellyful.’

We had to laugh.

Take it easy and Big Love

Sigmund F x

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