Salad Pancakes & Champagne

After a weekend of roasts, house parties and many guests, I lay on my sofa last night, still in the morbid throws of an incessant hangover. I was hungry, yet wasn’t.

Trekking the full six metres to the fridge I found: the remnants of Yorkshire Pudding batter, some old olives, a tomato, a slab of cucumber, half an onion and a practically full (opened) bottle of expnsive Champagne.

My reluctant mind cranked into action and concocted: Salad Pancakes & Champagne. Might do it every Sunday…

As I ate I recalled the weekend, and the SFB gathering we had had: Abi K-J, Comisc Sky Bran & Terrance Gonzo were all in attendance. Cosmic aint the biggest lover of some of Gonzo’s new stuff. Quoting our absent friend Rosette Tokelove (author of I’ve Never Been Wrong Yet”), Cosmic said:

I can imagine people in prisons loving this

Cosmic’s got in his head that TG’s Asylum For The Half-Baked is all about sex. I say, it’s all about love. You can find out for yourself in the very near future…

Sigmund F

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