2018 looks a right smasher…(Herding Cats)

Now then! How are ya? Nice and fat after a good Christmas beak? Doing Dry January? (Terrible month not to drink, if you ask us, but you crack on..).

Anyway, we are getting closer and closer to the release of Terrance Gonzo’s Asylum For The Half-Baked & The Last Thing Anyone Needs Is A Dribbling Criris by Ed Spencer.

Terrance is a bit of perfectionist and has seemingly had ‘a brain wave’ over Christmas, whatever that means. Should we infer your brain is normally waveless? I asked him.

Still, as a small publisher we like our writers to take their time, get things right. What’s the rush? Abi’s helping out on Gonzo’s book and we all like to hang out and have a thoroughly lovely time. Including Cosmic Sky Branagan. He helped out on our first book, The People’s Republic of Absurdia. He’s always on hand for vibe guidance and getting the beers in – he’s good like that. Any unit needs a cosmic – and we’ve got one.


The writers write.

Abi and I do the donkey work to get the books looking nice.

And Cosmic brings us some wine.

It’s a good system.

But it may explain why we have so few books out.

We believe our writers should take long soaks in booze and write when they’re in the zone.

We’ve been waiting a long time and I dare say we’ll we waiting a while yet for all the others in the pipeline.

But I can assure you two books will be landing very, very soon…

Big Cosmic Love

Sigmund F x

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