Greetings Reindeer Spotters

Hope you’ve got a job lot of pressies, mince pies and turkey – and have still got a few quid in your pocket for some Christmas drinks…

As a present TO YOU at the most expensive time of the year, Sigmund Fraud Books is offering you a FREE copy of our first title, The People’s Republic of Absurdia.

Ed Spencer’s debut novel is a timely political-satire-cum-black-comedy-thriller, an exquisitely funny and frightening take on that most prescient of debates – the erosion of civil liberties. In Absurdia he poses how a perfect storm of inequality, data gathering and environmental meltdown leads to extraordinary repression, all made possible by a most despicable practical joke…

Deadly serious and a lot of fun, fans of Orwell, Vonnegut and Phillip K. Dick will find much to enjoy here. This is the novel for our bizarre times.

If you’ve got a kindle, why not have a read of it ON US over yuletide. FREE FROM DEC 21st…


Finally, stay alert in 2018 for these….

All the best, big love and have a cracking Christmas.

Sigmund F x

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