Theresa May’s Brexit

With our current state of Brexit balls and Theresa May’s diminishing hand of power now reaching out to other parties, how much do we think she really believes in Parliament?

Having tried to sidestep them for a year – and often referring to debate as ‘obstruction’ – it’s interesting to think where this might lead us.

Our writer, Ed Spencer, whose superb satire The People’s Republic of Absurdia, we published last year, might just have described the workings of Ms May’s mind. The following is an extract from Absurdia:

“We have entered a phase of New Democracy, the most efficient system yet that we have developed to serve you, the wonderful people of this country.

“I am clear that, ideally, we need opposition. Of course. That is a fundament to traditional democracy. But when this so-called opposition is guilty of immaturity and unhelpful comments, espousing nonsensical drivel intended to ignite riot, they render the system ineffectual. I welcome criticism, but not when it is of the vindictive and unhelpful kind.

“In our liberal, compassionate society we simply will not tolerate negative naysayers whose raison d’être is to disrupt. What we need is constructive discussion not inflammatory rabble rousing that contains no political substance to it whatever. For the good of the country they have disbanded.”

Prescient eh?


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