The Orwell Prize opens for submissions today and a little flutter of excitement goes through the office as we have finally realised a dream of sorts – we (finally) have an excellent novel to enter with! (Next stop – winning the bloody thing. But one thing at a time…)

As a (very small) publisher we show interest but decide not to pursue a fair few projects but with Ed Spencer’s The People’s Republic of Absurdia we have an absolute corker.


This title is an exquisitely funny and frightening satire of our times, a novel with big ideas, at heart, a darkly comic take on that most modern of debates – the stealth-like erosion of liberties. With jet black humour, Spencer’s debut novel poses how a perfect storm of economic inequality and environmental meltdown leads to extraordinary repression, all made possible by the most despicable practical joke of all time…

We’ve more to say so keep an eye out…

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