Merci a vous! (Sending you big snogs)

FRIDAY. Hope you all have a great w/e. Abi and Sigmund were skipping in and singing today. Chris made a lovely pot of coffee and we want to say to you ..thanks for following, thanks for buying, thanks for showing interest.

As usual, we’ve been dealing with the big issues today.

SIGGY: If when cows lie down it means rain is coming, what does it mean when it’s slightly spitting and some of them are seated, some stood, some walking, some laid out? What does that signify?

CHRIS: It’s sunny and spitting and even the cows are confused.

SIGGY: And if the cows are confused we oughta be as well.

CHRIS: We are.

SIGGY: Atsright.


*this may not apply to the whole world



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