monday culture what we like

Afternoon. Monday Monday. Hope your morning was alright and your weekend was a weekend.

As we say at SFB – “We like work that says something not only about people, but the systems and ideas that govern our lives.” 

So here’s a few cultural snippets from stuff we ingested over the w/e.

1 – La Musica de Cinema

Great BBC doc about how changing technology led to new ways of influencing our eyes & senses in cinema, and led to ‘non-musicians’ being arch-influencers of the new age…


Lukas Moodysson’s SUPERB coming-age-tale set in Stockholm, 1982. Taking in punk, politics and childhood this lovely film has a surprising humour. When you’re different its vital you’ve got something to hold on to…..


We’ve (all) been reading Greg Lucka’s majestic dystopian masterpiece – for some of us, it’s the best graphic novel we’ve read (and we love graphic novels). Get hold of it now if you love great story, great ideas, great characters and beautiful art. Novelists can learn much from the economy of style…


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