We would like to say a massive ‘nice one’ for all a y’all who’ve been buying our first release, The People’s Republic of Absurdia.

Sales are going well but if there’s anyone out there yet to buy who likes their comedy jet black, this may be for you.

With Britain in meltdown (it was intended to be fictional) a young politico masterminds the creation of an absurdly malign nanny state. Each Citizens’ every move is regulated and recorded and even posting a letter on the wrong day can mean getting banged up. And while one young man is having the time of his life, another is getting is worse than most…

This is a novel with big ideas, a darkly comic take on that most modern of debates – the stealth-like erosion of liberties. Ed Spencer’s debut novel poses how a perfect storm of economic inequality and environmental meltdown leads to extraordinary repression, all made possible by the most despicable practical joke of all time…




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