Dear Friends

Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to put back the release date for The People’s Republic of Absurdia – but only til next Weds (29th June, 2016). Hopefully we’ll all still be European then.

In the meantime, here’s a little taster of another of our writers – Mr Terrance Gonzo, activist and author of forthcoming SFB book – RAT.

– So how was it?

– Great, yeah.

– You don’t seem too sure.

– Nah nah, it was fine.

Pause. Silence.

– I mean, she’s a Christian who doesn’t drink and thinks we have no culture in Britain. But apart from that its great.

– Another one of them.

– Yeah, another one of them.


– I mean do we even have room on the ledger. Think we’ve had every permeatation by now.

The following week…

– How is it?

– Great. I mean, he ex boyfriend’s come on half our dates so far so it’s been nice to get to know him.

In the kitchen…

– Just chuck it away of you’re not gonna use it.

– Well I probably won’t use it. It’s just in case. I don’t wanna throw it out when I might want it later.

– But if you do that it’ll just sit there. And if people keep doing that the fridge turns into a kind of holding bay for the bin.

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